Out of the Blue, by Jamie Productions (previously Walfman Productions) - commonly referred to as simply OOTB - is an upcoming online soap opera, exclusive to Writers Express and created by Jamie (formerly Walfman). The soap will follow the lives of those who reside in and around Locksbury, the fictional borough of London.

The soap was officially announced on November 11th, 2014, with an initial start date for late December 2014 - around New Year's Eve time. After a few delays, it was launched on January 11th 2015, but after just two episodes, Jamie - who created the soap - decided to pull the soap and start the show from scratch, going right back to the beginning. He cited at the time, that he felt that he had rushed into getting the soap ready and launching it and the overall unhappiness with what he had planned.

At the start of February, he revealed he had gone right back to the drawing board and started afresh - from characters/storylines to businesses, and hired fellow forum member and veteran member, Noxy, as a Consultant, providing help and advice where necessary. On March 7th 2015, Walfman teased that the re-debut of Out of the Blue would launch this Spring - with a provisional date of the end of May. The episodes would from launch, be set from September 2015, and will air twice weekly in OOTB time. In reality, the project will be published once a week.

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