2015 Official Credits
The first series of Out Of The Blue, a London-based soap opera, began on 11th January 2015 (OOTB Time: 11th January 2016) with a special two-part opening episode.

This series had forty-one cast members at the time of the launch, but currently, there are forty cast members, with some being of a recurring status.

This series saw the exit of Richie Neilson, who was killed off after two episodes as part of a Whodunnit storyline.

Season Cast ChangesEdit

Joining Cast:

Exiting Cast:

Character Actor Duration (by Year) Duration (by Episode)
Richie Neilson ??? 2015 ???

Recurring/Guest Cast:

1.1 | Timeline: Be Careful What You Wish ForEdit

Writer TX Date: OOTB TX Date: Episode No.
Walfman 11/01/2015 11/01/2016 01
  • In this special hour-long pilot episode, the police investigate the discovery of a body in the lake. The episode is set over two days leading up to the identity of the body being revealed.


First Appearances of: -

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